Agros fertiles deserere

To promote a living soil, one intended to perpetuate natural cyclic sustenance, one must implement strategies to imbue a living ecosystem, that wholesomely is the soil. There are many ways to accomplish a living synergistic ecology indoors in containers, or outdoors, with simple and often cost effective methods. If one is to work synergistically with natural rhythms, for the genesis of an environment that will truly be the most efficient and sustainable, than an entire ecology must be cultivated, not a single plant. Multiple living organisms will constantly cycle through phases of matter, in different forms, maintaining a perpetual natural cycle. These multiple organisms are one organism. Each organism’s ecological significance is paralleled by one another sustaining matter that flows like a river, ever changing from one form into the next. All that exists now is but part of something greater to come; this pervades all life, the macrocosm and the microcosm beneath our very feet. A living soil is a true microcosm of its own perfected by nature. Nature is the greatest wisdom of phytogenesis manifest. Once one has elected a plant to cultivate, one is inherently electing a natural ecology to emulate as best as possible; a ecosystem and natural cycle to sustain. Once stewardship of nature evolves into one’s own ethics, this flowing river of changing matter will begin to permeate multiple facets of one’s life, one’s own interactions with one’s ecosystem, altering the type of organism one is in an environment – symbiotic or pathogenic. To begin, food “wastes” no longer become wastes and become valuable aspects of the ever changing flow of matter, preceding some other temporary suspension of matter. Life and death seem to become one in this balance. Life is not without death in oneness, and as death is of life, death is but new life yet to come. Life is but new life yet to come. This balance is maintained from the microbial biomass, the plants, and all the life in between. All the organisms must be considered when making a choice as each is a counterpart in a natural rhythm, and as harmony is sustained, so will be the desired outcome. The ecological diversity of microbe life is a quality intrinsic to the diversity of plant life, biota, and minerals and elements in the very soil itself. The microbes metabolize exudates from the plant to enzymatically chelate minerals from organic matter in the soil, which in a new bioavailable form become food for the plant to metabolize into medicines and resources for other organism, like us humans, and more organic matter, to then be physically returned to the soil to subsequently interact with that same network of microbes to partake in the natural rhythm of ever changing matter that is life. The only constant is change. Natural Cyclic Sustenance… True Cosmic Harmony.