How We Can Help?

We are a cultivation advisory entity capable of supporting your company in any step of the way in organic agriculture.  We offer consultation programs to companies and groups working with commodity crops, specifically Hemp and Cannabis.  By offering information, both general and specific to your situation, to elucidate the natural processes we can harness to bring your farm or orginization closer to a more natural and realistic equilibrium with pragmatic implimentations focused on environmental and business sustainability. We offer educational content to help anyone impart small, practical changes towards regenerative solutions.


What we offer?

We have spent countless hours researching, trialling and educating ourselves so you don’t have to. We offer consultation to develop sustainable and regenerative agriculture management solutions. We can be a part of your operation from start to finish or we can be one part of a greater whole. How ever we can help, we are here to help people understand the reality of natural cyclic farming and how it can be implemented successfully.

Here’s what we work with:

  • Advanced Management Practices
  • Natural IPM
  • Soil Fertility Optimization
  • Nutrient Management
  • Soil Evaluation
  • Indoor Environment Optimization
  • Soil Development
  • Cannabis Cultivation
  • Hemp Cultivation
  • Regenerative Nutrient Development
  • Composting
  • Probiotic Cultivation
  • Unique profile of organic resources from trustworthy sources working towards supplying items that generate positive change in the world