Hemp is the term utilized to describe a federally legal relative of cannabis, being distinguished particularly by the limited amount of THC permitted in the plants genetic expression, and that is .3% THC or less.  This means any cannabis strain producing any amount of CBD percentage is legal, as long as it does not produce anymore than .3% THC.  Why .3% THC?  Well to put it simply there is no psychotropic effects at those levels, therefore no intoxicating effects.

PhytoGenesis has several years of cultivation experience with cannabis and high CBD hemp and has worked with a permitted and licensed farm in PA of 2018, directing the cultivation of over 60 acres of organic hemp.  This led to a diverse network of experts and academics helping develop true organic clean medicine.  To move forward in the hemp industry, PhytoGenesis strives to continue offering education and experience and developing Syntropic Hemp.

PhytoGenesis Syntropic Hemp offers craft organic high CBD hemp product.  We are a network of over 15 farms in Pennsylvania and still growing.  We offer craft high CBD cultivars on our select grounds cultivated clean with organic methods.  We grow desired genetics for deliverables in oil extraction as well as smokable flowers.

Take a look at some of last year’s fields @phytogenesis

Interested in cultivating organic hemp or are looking for organic hemp products? please contact us at wayne@phytogenesis.org