My name is Wayne Bendistis. I was originally employed to utilize the large dataset of scientific journals relative to sustainable & regenerative agriculture to manage a farm in Pennsylvania that has a greenhouse to several acres of open fields for research based cultivation. In light of all the information and experience acquired, a concept was born to help change the modern agricultural paradigm known today and that concept is PhytoGenesis. With time came proficiency in the fields of regenerative agriculture, innovative horticulture, and soil sciences.  Soil building became the primary objective, delivering nutrient dense life, and therefore nutrient rich product.  I am on a path of constant self education, for our understanding of nature is constantly evolving, and new things are discovered daily. I like to consider the scientific comprehension I’ve gathered to be ‘good until further notice’, as this is realistically how science works, and retains an open mind to always learn more and help bring humanity closer to working in harmony with nature.


  My name is John Dawyot and I was born and raised in the Delaware area. I went to college at Penn State University, where I got my degree in Soil Science, with a minor in Hydrology and English. My original intent was to engineer soils and systems for the purposes of remediation of environmental contaminants, but was attracted by the life growing in organic agriculture. Since than I’ve explored a variety of farming and cultivation techniques all over the United States, including being part of an aquaponics operation at Penn State University and a perpetual hydroponic cannabis cultivation facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. At every turn I look to take what I learn, integrate that into my experience, and move forward so as to refine my understanding, as well as be as effective as possible in achieving realistic, sustainable, and obtainable goals, in agriculture, as well as in business.